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The most advanced industrial automation technology from OMRON and Electromatic..

We specialize in Omron robotics and automation solutions. World leader in innovation and development. World-leading Japanese robotics technology.

Omron's core business is the manufacture and sale of industrial automation components, equipment, and systems, but it is also a leader in consumer and professional electronic medical equipment.

Since its founding, Omron has sought innovation driven by societal needs, being the world leader in innovative ideas. A vocation for social improvement, sustainability and collaboration between people, robots, and the environment that we share at Electromatic Palacios as approved distributors.

An extraordinary highly qualified team of more than 36,000 employees who have put their experience at your service.

Equipment controls and components electronic, automotive electronic components and healthcare.


Omron Industrial Automation

As part of the global Omron Corporation, Omron Industrial Automation is a global company and a leading manufacturer of industrial automation products with advanced technology and application expertise.


From its European headquarters in Amsterdam, it operates locally in all European countries and provides high-quality automation products and customized expert solutions for any sector. This team is in direct contact with the certified team at Electromatic Palacios focused on knowing in depth all the solutions to be able to integrate them into an integrated solution that allows our clients to obtain the best results.

Omron has extensive lines of components and control equipment, ranging from image-processing sensors and other input devices to various controllers and output devices, such as servo motors, as well as a range of industrial robots and safety devices. By combining these devices using software, Omron has developed a variety of unique and highly efficient automation solutions for manufacturers around the world.

Contact us for advice on defining the best industrial automation solution based on the world leader Omron.

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