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Improving the competitiveness and efficiency of your industry is our goal. In order to achieve this goal we provide complete industrial automation consultancy.
Industrial Automation is the use of electromechanical systems, inspection equipment, or industrial robotics to carry out automatically and autonomously the processes that are executed in a company.
Industrial robotics, or the use of robots within industry, for the automatic execution of certain repetitive tasks is becoming increasingly common.
More and more regulations oblige companies to keep records of the traceability of manufactured products.
In addition to the consultancy, advice and customised installation services, at Electromatic Palacios we accompany you throughout the life cycle of the installation through the sale of industrial and electronic components.


At Electromatic Palacios we periodically offer specialisation courses for professionals in Logroño.
We have two fundamental factors that lay the foundations for providing suitable solutions for each of our jobs.

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