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At Electronic Palacios we can help you in the implementation of industrial automation development, manufacturing, and distribution solutions. We are certified distributors of the world leader Murrelektronik.

  • Power supplies and control.
  • Interfaces.
  • Cables/connectors.
  • IO systems.

Murrelektronik is a large international operator in the automation industry with more than 3,000 workers, a research and development team of the most advanced in the world. The mission of Murrelektronik is to optimize the facilities of machines and factories, to increase the competitiveness of the industry. Electromatic Palacios, have a specialized technical team with the highest levels of certification for the distribution and installation of Murrelektronik equipment and systems:

  • Innovative and high-quality solutions.
  • Customized solutions.

Decentralization is one of Murrelektronik's lines of work. Objective to optimize the connection between the control box and the level of the actuator sensor in machines and systems with proven solutions and higher technology.


Murrelektronik has become a very appropriate system for machine manufacturers, the automotive sector, packaging, F&B, renewables, and logistics.

The Electromatic Palacios team will advise you from the beginning of the project, during its development and during commissioning. We have qualified technicians not only in the products but also in the elements that control the equipment, to offer you a complete service from the advice to the design of the solution and all this with the security that comes from having high-end technology and quality components proven, perfect for simplification the transition to Industry 4.0.

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