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Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0, also called Smart Industry, is considered the fourth industrial revolution and its main objective is to transform the company into a learning organization to achieve the best business results.

At Electromatic Palacios, we are specialists in advising and accompanying you in the digital transformation process to improve the competitiveness and productive efficiency of your company.

Why is it important to digitize the industry?

More flexible production, higher productivity and the development of new business models are possible, today, thanks to digital solutions, but the future of the industry offers even more potential: Cutting-edge technologies will create new opportunities for both discrete and process industries meet the individual requirements of their customers.


At Electromatic Palacios we are specialists

in advising and accompanying you in

the process digital transformation to

improve competitiveness and

efficiency productive of

your company.

Objectives of Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 holds the promise of a new revolution that combines advanced production and operations techniques with smart technologies that will integrate with processes, organizations, and people.

This revolution is marked by the appearance of new technologies such as robotics, analytics, artificial intelligence, cognitive technologies, nanotechnology, and the Internet of Things (IoT), among others. Organizations must identify the technologies that best meet their needs to invest in them. Our team of specialists will design the customized solution to successfully face the digital transformation of your industry.

Why is Industry 4.0 important?

It is important to understand the potential of this fourth industrial revolution because it will not only affect manufacturing processes. Its scope is much broader, affecting all industries and sectors and even society. Industry 4.0 can improve business operations and revenue growth, transforming products, supply chain, and customer expectations. Such a revolution is likely to change the way we do things, but it could also affect how customers interact with them and the experiences they expect to have while interacting with businesses. Beyond that, it could lead to changes in the workforce, requiring new skills and roles.

Furthermore, technologies related to Industry 4.0 can also lead to entirely new products and services. The use of sensors and wearable devices, analytics, and robotics, among others, will enable product improvements in a variety of ways, from prototyping and testing to adding connectivity to previously disconnected products. These changes in the products translate, in turn, into changes in the supply chain and, consequently, in the customers.

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