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At Electronic Palacios we have specialized in collaborative robots and the Danish manufacturer Universal Robots is one of the most important references. With a highly specialized team of more than 1000 employees, Universal Robots has established itself as a manufacturer of collaborative robotics solutions with the highest levels of security, flexibility, and usability.

These are robotics solutions that automate and optimize industrial processes where the contribution of value to the human team is more limited and that allow teams to focus on the areas of process definition and value bearing.


Universal Robots' range of cobots solutions offers four distinct payload options - 3, 5, 10 and 16 kg - allowing for a wide variety of applications. Plus, with six degrees of freedom, extraordinary flexibility, and easy integration into existing production environments. The cobots are designed to improve all industrial processes.


Electromatic Palacios will design industrial automation solutions based on Universal Robots equipment through the integration of collaborative robots, capable of taking on all kinds of tasks and optimizing them with a high degree of precision, performance, and adaptability.


Our solutions are based on robots for programming and configuration and handling and integration into the production space is flexible and adaptable, shortening the time in which the investment is amortized. A short learning curve that allows the best results to be obtained in the shortest possible time from the automation solution that has been implemented.

We have experience and success stories in all sectors, and we offer our clients the different industrial robotics solutions that can be easily integrated, allowing companies to gain competitiveness and agility in the face of constant changes that occur in their sectors.

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