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Specialists in industrial automation projects. Industrial Automation is the use of electromechanical systems, inspection equipment or industrial robotics for the automatic and autonomous performance of the processes that are executed in a company.

The industrial automation process involves improving cycle times, productivity, process quality and the competitiveness of the company. Working on this last aspect is of great relevance for companies. Globalization has favoured the imports and exports of products, making the automation process a key and differentiating element to remain competitive and efficient compared to your competitors.

As an introduction to automation, we can point out that the main objective of automating the industrial processes of a company is to become more efficient by increasing productivity. All this is done while maintaining or improving the quality of the product.

The most important benefits or advantages of automating industrial processes are:

Cost reduction

Industrial automation systems are profitable in terms of return on investment, they operate only with maintenance expenses that can be planned and carry out activities that, in other circumstances, would require a lot of human personnel.

Well implemented, they optimize the use of materials, thus avoiding the waste of raw materials, being in almost all scenarios more efficient than man, in mechanical work.

Global quality

Reducing production errors significantly improves the quality of any product. Thanks to informatics systems that support mechanical machinery, it is possible to supervise and correct defects in real-time without interrupting the production chain.

Product consistency

Thanks to automation, we can eliminate variability in the production chains, so we will have elements of the same quality over time. This point is important in many aspects, we want the same quantity in each bottle, the mechanical parts of the same size, all the products cooked in a homogeneous way, along with others.


Machines that automate processes in industries are often praised for their ability to work non-stop. The more size and rate of production a factory has, the more expensive the downtime. Teams do not usually have frequent rest schedules and their productivity curves do not decline over time, they offer efficiency throughout their operation, which is a great advantage.

Plant safety

Many industrial processes entail risky activities for the safety of human personnel. Having the ability to use technological tools that can carry out this type of task at high speed and without errors is a key point. Most of the modern automation systems and machinery consider the safety of the personnel in the design, so the related work accidents are minimal and rarely caused by the machinery itself, which means that well-implemented they are safe. For Electromatic Palacios, the security guarantee of our facilities is an absolute requirement.

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