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The industrial robotics, or the use of robots in the industry, for the automatic execution of certain repetitive tasks, is increasingly common. The implementation of this type of technology is what makes a traditional organization become a 4.0 company. Only businesses capable of using the advances that technology offers most efficiently will be able to compete successfully.

Today, many of the industrial robots are equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and Internet of Things (IoT) systems. Thanks to this feature, intelligent robots can perform extremely complex activities or even learn to do such activities with increasing precision and speed. To respond to this type of solution, we have ABB Robot solutions. We count on their experience and collaboration to select the appropriate model for the load, speed and repeatability needs of the applications they propose to us.


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The natural evolution of industrial robotics is COLLABORATIVE ROBOTICS. The fact that humans can safely work side by side with robots is boosting their use in many environments, as they are also cheaper. As the robots explore new areas, you will see greater penetration from their faster RO. Collaboration is one of the hallmarks of Electromatic Palacios since its foundation, alliance with the main brands, co-operation with our clients in stable and lasting relationships and collaborative robotics between our automated facilities and our clients' professional teams. We believe that collaboration is the only path to lasting and sustainable success.

At Electromatic, we work with the TECHMAN ROBOTIC ROBOT range distributed through OMRON EUROPE. We have models in stock to complete the preliminary viability studies of the application and provide the necessary training for clients to be autonomous in the management of equipment and implementation in their lines.

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